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4 KB Scalping Trades Taken on 19th Oct 2018

I was out the entire day on the 19th Oct 2018 and only manage to get the chance to trade at 10 pm after my son went to bed.

Below are the trades that were taken

1st Trade: Winning KB5 (+$425)
2nd Trade: Winning KB1 (+$425)
3rd Trade: Winning KB1 (+$425)
4th Trade: Winning KB1 (+$425)

I had 4 straight wins for the night and what a way to get into the weekend. For those of you who are in my EURUSD Scalping Course, I believe that you should have taken those trades as well.

Please note that my strategies do not win 100% of the time but it does have a very high winning percentage which is why I manage to clock in 5 figures profits every month with them.

My strategies do also produce consecutive winning trades at times but with the good winning percentage, I always manage to turn the day into a profitable day.

For those of you who are still struggling in your trading, this ways of scalping the EURUSD is simply the best way you can do and you can click on the link below for more information

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For those of you who are trading cryptocurrency, you can also make money from trading the daily cryptocurrency as well with my strategies.



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