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8 Kb5 and KB1 Trades Taken on 7th Sep 2018

Today I did more trades and below are those trades that I have taken. For those of you how had taken my course, please verify the results on your chart.

1st Trade: At The Money KB1
2nd Trade: Winning KB1 (+$425)
3rd Trade: Winning KB1 (+$425)
4th Trade: Winning KB5 (+$425)
5th Trade: Losing KB1 (-$500)
6th Trade: Losing KB1 (-$500)
7th Trade: Winning KB1 (+$425)
8th Trade: Winning KB5 (+$425)

The purpose of posting this daily trade is not to brag but to show you that it is really possible to scalp the EURUSD with good profit.

For those of you who are doing forex trading, it is a great way to complement your forex trading as you are already looking at the chart.

For those of you who have taken my course, please start by trading $10 per trade and as your account grow, you can increase your trade size to $20, $50 and more. Please do not trade $500 like me until you have grew your account by a good amount.

Below is the screenshot of the KB1 Trades

Below is the screenshot of the KB5 Trades

Binary option is a great way to scalp the EURUSD and if you are interested to do it, you can take a look at my course below

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