Best Binary Option Broker Selection Tips

Selecting a good and reliable binary option broker is very important for a trader. There is no point in being able to trade profitably but later find out that you can’t withdraw out the money.

In fact, I have received emails from readers in the past telling me that when they request for withdrawal of money from their broker, it was rejected due to their lack of trades or there are even some broker who suddenly closed their account and disappeared with their money.

There are a lot of binary option broker in the market regulated in various part of the world. Some of these brokers disappear from the market after one or two years and I wonder what happen to those traders who are with them.

If you try to look for best binary broker online, you will see a lot of website telling you the top 10 brokers or whatever and after going through these brokers, you will know that most of them are not well regulated and the reason why they are promoting is commission or advertisement.

Therefore I will like to use this post to share with you some selection tips you can use when selecting a broker to trade with. In fact, it is the same selection process that I do when picking a reliable broker to go with.

1) Reputation of Broker – There are a lot of small binary brokers in the market and it is very hard for us traders to differentiate them at once. After trading binary for a few years now, I have identified a great way to identify a well regulated broker.

If you go to your current broker or any binary option broker, you will find that you do not see anything about them being regulated by who on the website and sometime you have to go to those small link on their website and find whether they are regulated or not. There are some brokers where I can’t even find on their website about them being regulated. I found one which at least is willing to say that they are in the process of registering and the approval time is mid 2014 but I got this snapshot on 2015.

not good regulated

If you manage to see a binary option broker that tells that where they are regulated on their main site, it means they are a very big company which is well regulated and that is why they do not have to hide it in those small links within their site.

Secondly, you can also see whether the binary option broker that you are intending to use are partnering with any big company as well.
2) What They Provide – When selecting the broker to use, you also have to check what are the features that the broker can provides you. The broker that I am using provides me with professional chart platform, signal package, binary option strategy education center where they teach users how to trade binary option as well.

professional chart


education center

Next you will need to check what type of binary do they offer as some binary brokers do not offer 60 sec or 5 minutes binary.

3) Ways to Deposit and Withdraw Money – The ease to deposit and withdraw money is another important factors to consider when choosing a binary option broker.

For me, I will prefer brokers that allows credit card deposit as it is much easier for me to deposit money with that mode of payment. However this is pretty personal and you just have to make sure that the broker that you have selected allows you to deposit money in the way you want.


4) Customer Support – For me, the customer support is very important as I do not want to waste time trying to figure things myself. I always use the live chat function that my broker provides as they can answer me asap.

Therefore I only trade with brokers that have live chat function and I usually try them to see if it is responsive before I open my account with them.

The above are the 4 most important things you must know before you select a broker. For me, I have been with my binary broker for years and I have no problem with them all these years. You can take a look at the video that I have done for my readers on my own account.

If you are still thinking of which broker to use, you can take a look at the review that I have done for the broker that I am personally using.

For a very limited only, for those of you who want to learn the exact binary option trading strategy that I am using and do not have a broker at the moment, you can click on the link below to create an account with them and then send me an email once you have made a deposit into your account. For me, I do not hide behind my website as I am a real trader and therefore I only trade with reliable broker and I only recommend students of my Binary Option Mastery Course to the broker I am personally using so that their hard earned money will not be gone.

This broker that I am using provides very good charting platform as well as a good education center plus a traders choice binary option indicator. Most importantly, I do not have problem withdrawal my profits with them.

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Once I received your email, I will then give you access to my Binary Option Mastery Course so that you can start learning and practice on your account.



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