Binary Option Trading Strategy That Works

You can easily find a lot of different binary option trading strategy on Youtube nowadays but how many of them really works. In fact, I have received emails from readers of my blog telling me how much money they have lost trusting those free binary option strategy.

Therefore I have decided to write a post to address this issue so that everyone who reach my blog can know about it.

So What is the Binary Option Trading Strategy That Works?

This must be one common question that pops up of your head and this is in fact the same question that I ask a few years back when I am new to binary option trading.

After trading for so many years, I think that I am able to answer this question now for you guys.

1) Trend – This is a very important factor of a good binary option strategy. You will find that it is much more easier and profitable to trade in the direction of the trend than against it.

Therefore when you are formulating or learning a binary option strategy, you must make sure that it is trading in the direction of the binary trend as this will greatly increase your chance of winning.

2) Ease of Execution – This is another important factor of a good binary option trading strategy. Most new traders think that a good strategy must be one that consists of a lot of indicators and is very sophisticated.

After trading for so many years and knowing quite a number of people who are trading full time, the best strategy is one that is easy to use and easy to execute.

With more binary option indicators, you will find that you hardly have any trading opportunities everyday which is a big problem for most new traders.

Even if there is enough trading opportunities, you will find it very hard to trade with a strategy that is so sophisticated.

Therefore the key to a good strategy is that it must be very easy to use and easy to trade.

If you are a student of my binary option course, you will know that all my strategies are easy to use and still very profitable.

3) Winning Percentage – Lastly, what really matters for a trader is the winning percentage of their strategy.

I will like to tell you guys that there is no strategy that wins 100% of the time and if you are still looking for such a strategy, then I must tell you not to waste your time.

Only a marketer will tell you that such a strategy exist as they themselves is not a trader.

A decent winning percentage is anytime more than 75%. As long as your strategy has a good winning percentage, you will be able to make back your losses using my recoup losses technique which will greatly increase your trading profits.

As long as your strategy consists of these 3 factors, I can say that you have a binary strategy that works and you can go ahead to trade it confidently.

If you do not have a strategy on hand, then I will recommend you to learn some strategies that trade in the direction of the trend.

One such strategy is the momentum strategy that I have shared in my live trade videos.

Binary Option Indicator Requires : Bollinger Bands

Setup to look for : You will have to see a very narrow BB bands and then wait for the price to make sudden big movement.

Entry Signal: Once you see the price making a long candle in the direction of the trend, you will enter a 2 or 5 minutes option for the next trade.

Note: If you are late in seeing this movement, then it is better to wait for the next setup to come and then trade.

For those of you who are new to binary trading and do not have a broker at the moment, you can read my post on how to select the best binary option broker so that you will not be cheated off your money.

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