Can You Trade Forex & Binary Together?

Personally I am a forex and binary trader. I started forex trading in 2009 and binary trading at 2012. In fact, I have been making consistent profits in my forex trading since 2009 and what really entice me to go into binary option in 2012 are the following

1) Ease of Trade – After studying this mode of trading currency, I find out that binary option is very simple and it is its simplicity that leads new traders to think that they can easily make money from it even without a proper strategy on hand.

This is the number one reason why most new traders got their account wiped out in binary trading. They think that this is a get rich quick scheme as there are only 2 outcome for binary trade. UP or DOWN?

Therefore they rely on guessing the direction of the market to enter their trades and in the end they usually got their account wiped out.

For binary trading, you do not need to worry where to place your stop loss and where to take the profit like what you did in forex trading. As long as the price is 0.1 pip in our favor by the end of the option, you will make money.

Trust me, binary option is like any sort of trading which is profitable and proper. Therefore stop treating it like a get rich quick scheme and you will start to make profit from it.

2) Duration of Trade – I must say that binary option is the easiest way anyone can scalp the currency market. As a forex trader since 2009, I have been scalping EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY and GBPJPY on my forex account for a long time. Since I get to know about binary option, I find that scalping the currency on binary platform is much much more easier than forex platform and best of all very quick and effective.

Each binary trade takes about 2 or 5 minutes depending on which option you take.

3) Requires Same Effort – The reason why I ask my forex students to trade binary as well is because you do not need to spend additional time to trade binary option.

As you need to look at the chart when trading forex, if you see a binary trading opportunity occurring, you can then enter the binary trade and then continue to wait for your forex trade to come.

Therefore to me, binary option helps me to increase my income as I have 2 trading income sources now.

I will like to use this post to warn all of you out there never to believe in those binary robot or binary signal or those automatic binary software as these are the works of marketers who just want to make money out of us traders.

I have students and readers who had lost a lot of money with these stuffs.

Trust me, the only way you can make money from trading is to trade it yourself as no one is more concerned about your money more than you.



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