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2 KB5 Trades Taken on 15th August 2017

I did not trade yesterday as I am out the whole day with my relative visiting us and I got to bring them out.

Today I did 2 trades and below are the outcomes. These 2 trades are done within 10 minutes

1st Trade: Winning KB5

2nd Trade: Winning KB5

Do note that you will also get some losing trades even when you use the strategies I teach you. However with the good winning percentage, you will still be able to make back your losses.

As long as you stick to what I teach you, I can assure you that you will be profitable by the end of each month

I hope that you guys who had taken my course also took the trades and made the profits.

As the course comes with a 120% refund for any fake winning trades, you can verify my daily posting with your chart to see if this is correct or not. If I post a fake winning trade, you can request for a refund of your course.

For those of you who are trading without a reliable binary options strategy, it is time to learn one as this is the only way you can be profitable in trading.  You can learn the exact strategies I am using to trade everyday via the link below

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For those of you who do not have a working strategy, you can take a look at the Trend Breakthru Strategy that I have shared with readers of this blog.

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Does Repulsion of Bollinger Bands Really Works For Binary Option

I have seen numerous websites or YouTube videos teaching people to enter trades based on repulsion of Bollinger Bands but if you enter according to what they taught you, you will be doomed. These are techniques that are taught by marketers who are posing as binary option trader and as an experienced trader myself, watching these videos are like watching cartoon.
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