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Eight 800EP Binary Option Trade Occurring on 9th March 2017

Today I took three 800EP trades but in total there are eight 800EP trades occurring.

Below are the details of the trades I took

  • 1st Trade : Winning 800EP

  • 2nd Trade : Winning 800EP

  • 3rd Trade : Winning 800EP

Below are the trades that I did not take as I have hit my daily target

4th Trade : Winning 800EP

5th Trade : Winning 800EP

6th Trade : Losing 800EP

7th Trade : Winning 800EP

8th Trade : Losing 800EP

I have taken screenshot of my iphone showing the first 2 trades that I have taken using the apps provided by my broker as I am outside during the trade.

For those of you who are my students, I hope that you got the those 800EP trades.

As the course comes with a 120% refund for any fake winning trades, you can verify my daily posting with your chart to see if this is correct or not. If I post a fake winning trade, you can request for a refund of your course.

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