My Binary Option Broker Review

In this post, I will be doing a review for the binary option broker I am using. This is because I have been receiving emails from readers asking me to recommend them a good broker to use and therefore I like to use this post to tell you more about the broker I am using.

1) Well Regulated – One of the most important factor to consider when signing up for a broker is the regulation. Before I sign up with this broker I am using, I have do a research on more then 20 brokers and I find that most of them are either not regulated at all or regulated in those weird places.

There are a lot of small binary brokers in the market and it is very hard for us traders to differentiate them at once. After trading binary for a few years now, I have identified a great way to identify a well regulated broker.

If you go to your current broker or any binary option broker, you will find that you do not see anything about them being regulated by who on the website and sometime you have to go to those small link on their website and find whether they are regulated or not. There are some brokers where I can’t even find on their website about them being regulated. I found one which at least is willing to say that they are in the process of registering and the approval time is mid 2014 but I got this snapshot on 2015.

For the broker I am using, they openly show their regulation on the front page of their website and this is something you dun quite get to see on other brokers site.

The broker I am using is ASIC licensed and I can tell you that there are not many binary broker with this license as it is very hard to get a broker license in Australia

2) No Problem With Fund Withdrawal – I have been with them since 2012 and I have no problem withdrawing my profits from my account. If you take a look at my performance report, you will see that I have been withdrawing my profits every month without failed.

For a trader, there is nothing more important than being able to withdraw our profits in trading.

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3) No Blockage of Trade – Unlike some small broker where they will block your trades when you are having a good strategy, I have no problem with HIGHLOW for years despite being able to make good profits in trading.

The above are my personal opinion and experience after using them for years. These are for your consideration and I am not saying that there are no better brokers outside.

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