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What is the Best Binary Option Indicator To Use

The above is another commonly asked question among readers of my blog. Most trader thinks that there is one best indicator that can help them to make consistent profits in trading binary option.

Maybe it is because of those ads that they often see in their emails, therefore they believe that they can make 50 winning trades in a row if they have a good indicators.

Sad to say that those emails that you received are mainly from marketers who do not know a single thing about trading. They can promise you anything they want and it is just up to you to believe or not.

However the fact that you are here in my blog means that I have the responsibility to educate you in the best way I can in the area of trading.

Trust me, there is no best indicator in trading binary option. The only way you can profit from trading is to have a set of good binary option strategies.

So let me explain to you what are the things that makes a good strategy

  • Good selection of indicators

Selecting of binary option indicators is pretty important for trading. You will need to test out various indicators to see which one fits your strategy best.

That is what I call formulating a strategy. If you have not yet read that articles that I have posted, you can do so via the link below

Sometimes a wrong selection of indicator can give you more false alarm trade than without it. That is why you need to always back test your strategy when you add a new indicator.

  • Clear sets of Trading conditions to avoid getting into false alarm trade

Besides the fact that most people are trading without a strategy which is one of the main reason why most traders do not make money in binary trading. Another reason is because there are too many false alarm in trading which is not filter out in most strategies.

That is why all my strategies come with a set of conditions to help traders filter out false alarm trades. Once you manage to avoid getting into false alarm trades, your winning percentage will automatically improved which will then be translate into profits in your account.

Therefore having a clear set of trading conditions to help you filter out false alarm trades is very critical to your trading success.

  • Clear entry signal

To be consider as a good strategy, it must always comes with a clear entry signal without the trader having to guess the entry.

There is no worst strategy than one which requires the user to guess the entry. For all my strategies, I have clear set of entry signal. I will never need to guess when should I enter a trade.

Once the setup is according to the entry signal provided by my strategies, I will enter the trade without hesitation.

Therefore you must always make sure that your strategy comes with a clear entry signal without you having to guess the entry as a precise entry is one of the most critical difference between a winning and losing trade.

I hope that this article will give you a clear insight of how to trade binary option and how to select a strategy that can help you make consistent profits from trading.

Do feel free to contact me via the contact me button at the top of the blog and I will be happy to answer any questions from you.

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