Why I Do Not Provide Binary Signal?

I have been receiving emails from readers asking me why I do not provide any binary option signal service and therefore I will like to take this opportunity to tell you guys why I do not provide such a service.

If you are a student of my binary option mastery course, you will understand why I can’t provide such a service.

In fact, for all binary trades, the entry of the trade can only be confirmed at the final few seconds. Even when I notify you at the final few seconds of the trade that it is a valid trade, by the time you see the signal and enter it, you will be late for the trade and the outcome will be different.

That is precisely why I dare to say that all the binary signal service in the market are mostly generating random signals for their users.

Some of you may argue that those signals service may be giving out the signal based on the trend. If they find that the trend is down, they will then give you the signal to enter LOW trade.

However from my personal trading experience, I can tell you for sure that you will lost money if you simply enter trades based on the trend of the market.

Unlike forex trading where the trend is your friend, the trend does not help you in binary trading at all. This is because each trade only last for 2 or 5 minutes and therefore the trend is not able to make any effect on the trade.

I believe that some of you may have heard of your broker/course telling you to enter consecutive trades in a certain direction. This is just a way to help you wipe out your account and not grow your account.

Even when the price is in a downtrend, you will not see all the candles showing RED candle. There are sometimes consecutive BLUE candles that could hit your account hard if you use this technique.

I have received an email from one of my blog readers sharing with me the technique taught by his broker. What they are using is the Martingale techniques where you will double your trade size if you encounter a losing trade until you make a winning trade. In the end, his $20,000 account was wiped out. Similarly, they are trading based on the trend.

Therefore I will like to take this opportunity to warn all of you guys here not to believe in those binary robot or binary signals service as these are the works of marketers.

The only way you can make consistent profits in trading binary option is through trading it yourself with a set of reliable strategies.

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